Correct accounting is an essential ingredient of success for any business. If reliable information about the state of affairs within the company can be provided at a moment’s notice, there will be no undue delay when it comes to taking management decisions. Having qualified accountants on hand is also important from the point of view of compliance with tax legislation, accountancy legislation, currency regulations, and foreign exchange control.

Making use of our services will enable you to:

  • save on the time and money it takes to find qualified staff, including recruitment agency fees;
  • save on the cost of an accountant’s workplace, and purchasing and maintaining accountancy programs;
  • avoid the problems that can arise when in-house accountancy staff fall sick or have to be dismissed or replaced;
  • receive high-quality services, because a bureau that specialises in accountancy will always have greater experience and a more extensive knowledge base than an individual specialist can offer;
  • be provided with consultancy services on both tax and legal issues at no extra charge: our experts will monitor the completion of tax returns and compliance with the requirements of other areas of legislation (for example, legislation on currency regulation and foreign exchange controls with regard to accounts in foreign currencies and involving foreign organizations);
  • be able to obtain compensation for any losses arising from accountancy errors: our bureau takes full responsibility for poor quality services and pays compensation to its clients for any losses caused by improper performance of the contract.

In parallel to our accountancy services we also keep tax records, compile tax returns, and file them with the tax authorities in accordance with the requirements of the tax legislation.

Our experts will also help you to create a chart of accounts and accounting policies for the purposes of bookkeeping and taxation, and determine the forms for primary documentation for use in business.

At the request of a client we can arrange bookkeeping based on internal standards or international accounting standards.