Consulting Bureau


Consultancy bureau provides audit and accountancy services, and tax advice.
Our business is first and foremost to form partnerships with our clients; making a profit comes second to that.
We always strive to stay one step ahead of the game: not to restrict ourselves to the obvious answers to our clients’ questions if we can see an opportunity to solve a problem more effectively. We keep track of changes in the legislation and case law so that we can keep our clients abreast of the latest developments and the new opportunities open to them.


The legislation on taxes and dues is contradictory, and no single interpretation can be applied to it; it is applied inconsistently. Tax payments make up a considerable proportion of an organization’s outgoings, yet if found liable for breaching the tax legislation, companies may face substantial losses. Given these circumstances, it is essential to be able to consult a qualified specialist.


An audit is an independent inspection of an organization’s accounts (financial reports). The aim of this inspection is for the auditors to give their opinion as to the accuracy of the accounts (financial reporting). Audit performed by bureau's auditors includes: mandatory audit, audit on the initiative of clients' managers or shareholders, tax audit, and due diligence.


Accounting is an essential ingredient of success for any business. If reliable information about the state of affairs within the company can be provided at a moment’s notice, there will be no undue delay when it comes to taking management decisions. Having qualified accountants on hand is also important from the point of view of compliance with tax and accounting legislation, foreign exchange control.